On-Demand Courses and Reference Materials So You Can

Improve Your Team’s Performance

Product Knowledge is Critical in Every Sales Situation
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Webinars and 10 Minute Meetings are NOT Sufficient

If your sale team are not product experts, they cannot deliver on your business strategy.

Real consultative selling is impossible

Key features and benefits are never mentioned

The latest products are not offered in a timely manner

Presentations lack confidence

Sales drift to old favorites

Buying group commitments cannot be met

Training with FSGenius Leads to Better Solutions for Your Customers

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Your team can offer the right solutions at the right times


Brand Loyalty

Commitments to grow certain brands can be met


Upselling and Add-ons

Premium alternatives can be presented and supported

Deliver Impactful Content On Every Device

Factory Training Programs
Training Courses
Factory Sales Tools - Literature and Videos
Publish Your Own Training to Your Team
Cloud Publishing

Product Knowledge Wins Business!

It’s Time to Embrace Modern Sales Training

FES dealers have to ensure their salespeople are properly trained on thousands of products from hundreds of companies. In-person factory training is limited by its ability to scale, leaving many salespeople without product-specific training every year. By using FSGenius to provide your salespeople with factory training programs on-demand, you’ll set them up for success, increase sales productivity, and improve your bottom line.

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