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Improve Sales Rep Performance

Increase Product Knowledge and Win More Business
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Factory Webinars and Occasional Meetings are NOT a Sales Training Program

Without product-specific training, your reps can’t perform. So your business can’t perform…

Veteran salespeople lose track of new products

Reps struggle to explain product features and benefits

New salespeople remain unproductive

Specifications are lost

Sales discussions drift to more comfortable topics

Commission dollars are lost

Training with FSGenius Leads to Increased Sales Productivity

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Equip sales rep for consultative selling



Product knowledge allow reps to project confidence in their proposals



Well trained reps can present alternative solutionst

Deliver Impactful Content On Every Device

Factory Training Programs
Training Courses
Factory Sales Tools - Literature and Videos
Publish Your Own Training to Your Team
Cloud Publishing

Develop and Maintain a Real Advantage

It’s Time to Embrace Modern Sales Training

MAFSI rep agencies have to ensure their salespeople are properly trained on thousands of products from hundreds of companies. In-person factory training is limited by its ability to scale, leaving many salespeople without product-specific training every year. By using FSGenius to provide your salespeople with factory training programs on-demand, you’ll set them up for success, increase sales productivity, and improve your bottom line. 

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