On-Demand Courses and Reference Materials So You Can

Improve Sales Channel Performance

Sales Reps Sell the Products They Know and Trust
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10 Minute Rotations in a Ballroom is Not Sales Training

Without product-specific training, your sales channel can’t perform. So your business can’t perform…

New products don’t get the attention needed to meet projections

Sales reps lose specifications to other brands

Rep agencies struggle to develop new talent

Sales discussions drift to the brands that are familiar and trusted

Key features and benefits are never mentioned

Buying groups struggle to meet their brand growth targets

Training with FSGenius Leads to Improved Business Outcomes

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Brand Loyalty

Well trained salespeople are eager to discuss the brands they know



Training allows consultative sellers to arrive at your brand



Better training, reaching more people, at a lower cost

Deliver Impactful Content On Every Device

Training for New Reps and DSRs
Training on Your New Products
Your Sales Library on Every Phone
Cloud Publishing

A Channel Training Program That Works

It’s Time to Embrace Modern Sales Training

With FES professionals working with hundreds of products, manufacturers struggle to provide critical sales training. With FSGenius delivering factory training online, you’ll achieve expertise in the field, be a preferred supplier and grow your business faster. 

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