On-Demand Factory Training and Reference Materials that

Set Up Your
Technicians For

Get the Industry’s Go-To Solution for Workforce Development
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Are your technicians under prepared and struggling to just “figure it out” on the job?

Without product-specific training, FES professionals can’t perform. So your business can’t perform…

You’re paying for non-billable callbacks due to technician errors

Your factory partners are frustrated by high warranty costs

You’re losing talented technicians to companies that invest in training

Your novice technicians are learning on the job through trial and error

You’re concerned that dangerous situations might arise

Your customers are losing confidence in your company

You don’t have to rely on hit and miss training. Enroll your technicians in FSGenius and give them the training and tools they need to become expert field technicians.

Training with FSGenius Improves Your Bottom Line

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Achieve Higher First-Time Fix Rates

Lower Your Non-billable Callbacks and Keep Customers Coming Back

Training Courses

Train New Employees More Efficiently

Allow New Hires to Become Billable Technicians Faster


Lower Total Training Costs

Keep Technicians Out of Classrooms and on the Road

Equip Your Technicians with the Tools and Training They Need

Give Your Technicians Instant Access to Factory Training
Give Your Technicians Access to a Library of Knowledge
Publish Custom Content Exclusively to Your Team Members
Cloud Publishing

Stop Relying on Hit and Miss Training

Give Your Technicians the Tools and Training They Need

FES service companies have to ensure their technicians are properly trained on thousands of products from hundreds of companies. In-person factory training is limited by its ability to scale, leaving many techinicians without product-specific training every year. By using FSGenius to provide your technicians with factory training programs on-demand, you’ll set them up for success, achieve higher first-time fix rates, and improve your bottom line. 

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